some questions Before I buy one

I really like what I can see about the Flukso device but have a couple of questions before I commit to buying one.

1. I assume the device can store recent data if it can not talk to the server due to no internet connection, how long can go before it starts to loose data?

2. I see that you can use an API call to pull fine detail data but am unclear if this is being pulled from the Flukso device itself or from the web DB (haven’t tried any scripting but think that this might be an interesting thing to start with)

3. From what I can see this device is totally dependent on the continuing existence of the Web service which I assume is in turn dependant on the interest of Bart and the wider community and is funded by ongoing sales.
If the web service did go away for whatever reason how easy (or is it even possible) to pull data from the device or does it just become a brick?
for example other devices dont have the great analytics of Flukso but they can be used stand alone.


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Hello Howard,

1/ The Fluksometer (FLM) will try to report its readings to the the Flukso server at five minute intervals. If it doesn't succeed, it will indeed start to buffer the readings. Sub-sampling for older entries is used so that the FLM will never run out of memory.
2/ Both. There's a real-time API available on the FLM and an API for fetching historic data from the server. Please consult chapter three of the Fluksometer Manual [1] for further details.
3/ The FLM can run perfectly well on its own. You will always be able to pull data from the local API, see point 2. We use it as a data feed for the real-time charting (minute tab) as well.