Blog RSS feed link broken

Not really the right forum but don't know where to post website related questions.

The blog's RSS feed (pushpin in the titlebar) redirects to the Flukso homepage and not to the RSS feed as one might expect. Could be nice to add auto detection to the feed as well as it took me a while to figure out the pushpin linked to the RSS feed.


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Hi Cimm,

Thanks for reporting the issue. It took me a while to find the root cause. rss.xml was being classified as a fast 404. Should be fixed now.

As for the pushpin, that's just a temporary placeholder until the rss icon in Font-Awesome 2.0.0 can be used instead.


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RSS should work fine now across the blog and forum with proper icon support as well.

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Perfect, seems to be working again. Thank you!

-- Simon