IPv6 Support

Probably not an issue, but is is possible to use ipv6 instead of ipv4 for the flukso? I guess server-side would be something different, but using local 6to4 translation would enable me to go native ipv6 for all hardware.


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IPv6 support on the flukso server might not be a big deal, but that depends on the provider you're using for hosting. Not to make it a small matter, but when the provider is ipv6 enabled, it would only take basic setup changes.

Adding the proper ipv6 kernel modules to the FLM02's and enabling ipv6 should not be much of a big deal either, afaik ipv6 networking works and routers will be discovered automagically.

Folks using ipv6 locally will probably be using a proper dns as it is impractical to not use names for ipv6 addressing. When the web pages are using relative paths, this should work.

I'm willing to do some testing, please contact me by email when you need some info. When DNS64 and NAT64 are setup here, we'll be no longer using ipv4 stacks.


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ps: installing kmod-ipv6 doesn't help here, apparently the kernel isn't able to do ipv6 (for now).