Bonyto Watermeter compatible with Flukso Waterprobe?

Hi Guys,

Is my Bonyto Water meter (check pic below) compatible with the Flukso V2 / Flukso Water probe reed switch or do I need a new Water meter (maybe with S0 port)?

Bonyto Water meter:

I Appreciate your help! thanks a lot!


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Does not seem to (the type sign does not tell anything about pulses); even with an optical sensor it will be difficult... As always: The Reed-switch sensors work through a meter built-in magnet; this magnet may be detected with a compass - then it is fairly easy: no magnet, no reed sensor possible.

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Thanks for your answer! I will try to find a magnetic sport with a compass.

If there is no magnet inside, do you have a recommendation for a compatible water meter? The Kent V100 'grenade'-type water meter (as mentioned in the shop area) is not available here in germany.