new installation, something wrong with fases?

I've just installed a Flukso and checked the flukso totals with the meters:

The gas and water meter are within 1 liter difference in 11 hours, just perfect.
The power (3 fases on 50 amp) have a difference of 6kW (15 vs 9). It's a standard house from 2008. Any one got a clue on what I'm doing wrong?

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I think I've might have found it, 3 electricity sensors where available instead of one. I changed the fases from 3 to 1 and then back. I'll recheck the meters in couple of hours.

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No, I'm still having issues:

Time Meter Flukso Wh [cumulative]
00:00 13098kW 21,699kW
09:15 13101kW 28,195kW
13:15 13104kW 33,790kW

So the Flukso is measuring roughly double the amount.

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What type of net do you have ?

3 Fase star net 230/400V ? (230V between earth and the 3 fases)
3 fase star net 130/230V ? (130V between earth and the 3 fases)
3 fase triangle net 230V ? (230V between earth and 2 of the fases, 0V between earth and the 3rd fase)

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I've got no clue.
But I hope I found an error in the wiring, after checking it more carefully if seen that there is only going 1 cable in to the main switch and one coming out. I originally thought that the three brown wires where 3 fases, but it seems as if the middle one is the only one and the other ones are just that single fase splitted.

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Try using just one clamp on the big blue one.


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So I've changed the fase to 1 and renamed the sensors to main (blue), left groups (red) and right groups (green) as you can see in the picture below. That seems to have fixed it, because my power usage dropped by 50% (It was actually measuring everything double). But now I see something else that's weird. The main usage is higher then left and right groups combined:

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Bazzle, I've still got them on the fases (brown) and will compare my meter tomorrow morning. Would it makes sense to use a single blue wire (main 0/drain wire) instead?

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Varel, I've done some reading and it's 3 Fase star net 230/400V. The default in the Netherlands.

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Hi swords, the photograph of the fusebox you have there only has a single phase of electricity coming in the bottom. Those thin brown wires you have the clamps around just go into a splitter (the middle wire is split into right and left) and the right and left wires go into RCD safety switches, and presumably from there into your house. Disregard the brown wires, and put ONE clamp around the big thick blue or the big thick black wire, that come in from the bottom and go into the main breaker on the left. And set your Flukso to one phase. Like Bazzle said. (As an aside, you can use your extra two spare clamps to monitor the additional Left and Right circuits, ie one of them might have your fridge, the other your TV, might be interesting. But for TOTAL usage just ONE of those thick wires :)

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Actually the big black one goes to the main switch and then the middle brown one. So the middle brown wire should be equal to the thick black one.

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Do you have a solar installation ?

if not, you only need the back or blue wire .... i prefer the black one ...