[bug] clipping at 7200 Watt

Wouter and I observed clipping in the hourly graphs at around 7200W. Often in combination with gaps in the graph. I also noticed this in the graph of a third user.

Of all cases I have screenshots available if desired. I suspect it is a bug of the sensor board, something must be overflowing or something.

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The 7200W limit is due to too strict rrdtool input validation checking. The max validation parameter was set to a value of 2, meaning it would reject measurements with a rate higher than 2Wh/s = 7200W. Corrected in rev 79 and backported to existing rrd databases. An input power range between 0 and 72kW is now accepted.

Thanks for detecting and reporting the issue. Let me know if the fix works for you.


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Thats great. :) Do I understand correctly that all changes are made server side? Ergo the fluksometer owners don't have to do anything.

I will test the clipping by simulating a high load somewhere this weekend.

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Yes, I can confirm that my samples are lost when I use more power then approx 72KW. Guess I have to cancel my plans for starting an iron ore smelting plant...

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If the Fluksometer is the only obstacle to you starting this smelting plant, let me know. The solution would only be an integer away. :)

The input validation is meant to protect the rrd database from being corrupted by bogus measurements. The parameters were set a bit too strict. Thanks for testing!

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Bogus input? Have you checked Yuri's graphs a few days ago? He had negative power! Now that is an interresting start for a smelting plant!

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Yes I know, but smelting plants are very sensitive for solar flames.