Build your own kernel/packages for Flukso

Commit 75 introduces a new repository layout which should allow anyone with basic Linux skills to build a custom OpenWRT Kamikaze 8.09 kernel and loads of OpenWRT packages for the Fluksometer. A proper introduction to the OpenWRT build environment can be found here. Without further delay, the quick install guide:

  1. $Id: INSTALL.flukso 75 2009-11-20 12:31:25Z icarus75 $
  3. 1/ Set up the OpenWRT build environment
  4. ---------------------------------------
  5. svn export svn:// 8.09.flukso
  6. svn co --force '' 8.09.flukso
  8. 2/ Apply custom Flukso patches to OpenWRT
  9. -----------------------------------------
  10. cd 8.09.flukso
  11. patch -p0 < patches/100.disable.console.patch
  12. patch -p0 < patches/
  13. patch -p0 < patches/
  14. cd package/busybox/patches
  15. ln -s ../../../patches/245.ignore.dhcpc.sigterm.patch .
  17. 3/ Build
  18. --------
  19. make menuconfig
  20. make
  22. 4/ Enjoy!
  23. ---------

The initial build process is quite an endeavor as the x-compile tool chain itself needs to be downloaded and extracted. A second run should be a lot swifter.

If you have a local http server running on your Linux box, symlink the 8.09.flukso/bin/packages/mips directory to a publicly accessible www directory. Then launch this command from your Fluksometer:

  1. opkg install http://to/public/www/8.09.flukso/packages/mips/my_fav_package_mips.ipk


aboaboit's picture

When my router reboots, the flukso cannot re-negotiate the WPA session. I'd like to rebuild the kernel with the patch in applied.

How do I flash the new image to the flukso?
And, most important, how do I access the bootloader in case something goes very wrong?


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Hi Andrea,

1/ Please write a separate forum thread for your WPA re-negotiation bug. Best to start the title with [bug] ...

2/ I've written down a sequence for flashing a Fluksometer with a stock or custom build here.

3/ You can access the Fluksometer's bootloader by using the script used in the above forum thread. Launch the perl script and power cycle your Fluksometer. The script will interrupt the boot phase and hand you the redboot command line on a silver platter.