Calculate KWh for time period

Hi all,

Will be useful an option for know electricity consume in time period.

Star Date-Hour to End Date-Hour = total KWh consumed

also you can set your currency and money per KWh values.

sorry my english.


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Hi Carlos,

Thanks for the suggestions. We are working on having a start and end date available as input parameters in the API.

Setting a tariff for your kWh's is a good idea. Note however that we're not planning on implementing all the sorts of tariff plans offered by the energy companies.


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Hi Bart,

Think kWh's tariff can be defined per sensor in "My account" and show in the dash the cash you will pay to your energy companies.


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I thought I could get something like that by keeping the Flukso offline during the day and powering up the wifi router in the evening. It didn't work: the Flukso dutifully uploaded detailed data for the whole day, instead of a flatline average.

Do I really have to manually integrate the curve for my fridge's power to get the energy consumption?

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Hi Aboaboit,

Why don't you select the 'day' chart, put the unit into e.g. 'kWh/year' and look at the 'avg' value below the chart? You will then have your fridge's average yearly consumption in kWh, based on one day of measurement data.


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Because on an average day I have the pc and the A/C on at night and during the weekend the A/C is always on. Yesterday I deliberately switched off everything in order to have a clean reading so it was a special case. I'll try another way, then.

EDIT: I'll wait for the new API, especially if that comes together with a new view in the dashboard.

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Is this already possible true the api ?

i want to measure today's total value`s

Best regards,

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I used the manual. it doesn`t seems to work:

Server> curl -k -v -X GET -H "Accept: application/json" -H "X-Version: 1.0" -H "X-Token: "my token"" "https://api.flukso
.net/sensor/"my sensor"?start=1318557600&end=1318600800&resolution=day&unit=watt"

* SSLv3, TLS handshake, Client hello (1):
* SSLv3, TLS handshake, Server hello (2):
* SSLv3, TLS handshake, CERT (11):
* SSLv3, TLS handshake, Server finished (14):
* SSLv3, TLS handshake, Client key exchange (16):
* SSLv3, TLS change cipher, Client hello (1):
* SSLv3, TLS handshake, Finished (20):
* SSLv3, TLS change cipher, Client hello (1):
* SSLv3, TLS handshake, Finished (20):
> GET /sensor/"my sensor"?start=1318557600&end=1318600800&resolution=day&unit=watt HTTP/1.1
> User-Agent: curl/7.21.7 (arm-none-linux-gnueabi) libcurl/7.21.7 OpenSSL/0.9.8p zlib/1.2.5
> Host:
> Accept: application/json
> X-Version: 1.0
> X-Token: "my token"
< HTTP/1.1 200 OK
< Server: nginx/0.7.64
< Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2011 12:16:27 GMT
< Content-Type: application/json
< Connection: keep-alive
< Content-Length: 20
* SSLv3, TLS alert, Client hello (1):

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Hi SJoWie,

The NaN value returned by the API indicates that the values is not yet available in the rrd, most likely because the day hadn't passed when you were requesting the data. Try this one:

  1. icarus75@cirrus:~$ curl -k -X GET -H "Accept:application/json" -H "X-Token:d8a8ab8893ea73f768b66b45234b5c3a" ""
  2. [[1320019200,328]]

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Would not that be a nice feature for the website?
Two fields where you can select start and end date and would get as a result of the kwh consumed.