5 miniutes interval?

I look for a device exactly like flukso but what concerns me is that it does only provide stats every 5 minutes.

Is that a parameter I can change?

Can I get the data to my own DB at shorter intervals, apart from flukso web site.?

It would be best if I could poll the data from flukso with SNMP at lets say 10 sec interval then graph them with one of the SNMP tools.


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The Fluksometer v2 provides a local real-time JSON/REST api that returns a minute interval in second resolution. See section 3.6 of the Fluksometer Manual [1].

The Fluksometer buffers its readings and then reports them to the server every five minutes. Entries not older than one day are available in minute resolution through the server JSON/REST api.

[1]: http://www.flukso.net/files/flm02/manual.pdf

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Can you explain how to do that please?
Sadly I have no idea what it means.

Thanks Bazzle

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Just try the curl example in section 3.6 of the Fluksometer Manual in a unix shell.

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Assuming I have a Unix shell?? (where do I find that in XP?)

What do I do with the text shown

Thanks Bazzle

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Ok great, so I can call the API to get:
-last minute in seconds interval or
-last day in minutes intervals
is that all? or there are some more historic data in the unit?

This should let me build some cheapo android based screen next to the door to display current power use, so my woman would finally start switching the light off.

Did someone already wrote and android app to display realime data form the Flukso?

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The local real-time API is new for the Fluksometer v2. So while the API is now in place, the visualisations are still behind. I did some experiments with jQuery/flot charting of the real-time API, see [1].

[1]: https://github.com/icarus75/jflukso