Can you still purchase Fluko's

Been keeping an eye on the shop but dont see them anymore?

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I was looking for the flm03 for a while... ended up getting a second hand flm02

I did think about using an Arduino but I don't have the time or patients to try and learn how to set it up.

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Better use a ESP8266 or ESP32, they have Wifi onboard.

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More info please Fluc :)
Is this a Flukso alternative?

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An ESP32 of ESP8266 are not real alternatives, you have to build it by yourself....
I didn't do it but there are others, fore shure.
Perhaps with a Raspberry-pi you have more possibilities like Home Assistant.

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@Icarus75 - Any news from that batch of new FLM03E you announced in your last blog post ... from last year ? ;-)