Resurrecting v1.2

While clearing out the shed I found my ancient V1.2 Flukso. I got it connected, and the website reports a heartbeat and a 101 firmware.

What can be done with a V1.2 nowdays?

Ideally I would like to use the pulse input to monitor water.

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Can you see it on the Flukso site?

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Yes I can see it, but it only lists the previously used Clamp Sensors.

How can I active the Pulse Counter?

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Sorry, cant remember. Mine has stopped working at the moment. Trying to get it up and running again :(

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Had to use ethernet, wireless not working :(

With pulse sensors you Enable under the sensor number
You tell it the type, water, electricity etc.
and fiddle with constants to get accuracy

Can you see the sensor on the app?

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Mine is also connected by ethernet.

On the main Flukso website, under sensors It has listed 2 electricity sensors, both of these were used as clamp sensors years ago.

I cannot change anything at all, there is no way to add, modify or delete anything.

The device itself has no sensor configuration pages locally.

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On the Sensor tab under sensor you click on the sensor number.
Only 2,3,4,5, allow changing type.
This is different on different versions. So try each one.


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There are no sensor numbers.

The Only Column Headings are:


There are no hyperlinks, nothing is selectable.

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Try other browser if you don't see what you need to see for configuration.