Cant connect to FLM, still working ok

OK Flukso working OK, readings sent to the web sites :)
I had issues some weeks back qand had to reset all and reinstall. Got it working and left alone.
Today I decided I would try to make the unit completelt wireless again.
Plugged into Flm with cable.... cant see it!
Turned off power, restart, data streams ok, still cant see Flm.

Tried SSH, same used
Tried what my router seeit as, 168.255.0 20.

Still cannot access Flm.

I dont want to do a complete reset as it was a bugger to get going last time.
Any clues?


on3ptz's picture it not a valid internal range

II think the flukso's standard range is

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Sorry mis typed.


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If you can't access the Flukso on your network then you can try connecting directly to the Flukso using a single cable direct from the Flukso to your PC. Your PC needs to be configured as a DHCP client, it will get its IP address from the Flukso.
First power up your Flukso and wait until the heartbeat LED starts to blink.
Then connect your computer to the Flukso’s ethernet port.
Your PC will ask the Flukso's DHCP server for an IP address.
Then you should be able to go to with your web browser.
If this doesn't work then your Flukso may be in ethernet mode, acting as a DHCP client.
If you press the Flukso's push button for 2 to 5 seconds, the Flukso will toggle between DHCP client mode and DHCP server mode on its ethernet port and you can try to connect again.

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To login to the flukso meter I have to connect it via the Ethernet plug on my pc via an Ethernet cable (removing my internet connection to do so) and reboot the pc so that it sees it. Otherwise I cannot see it via a browser.

I make the changes, unplug and reboot with the internet connected again.

Only way to connect for me.

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@Solarmirls If you want you can make changes to the Flukso so that you can connect to the Flukso device's inbuilt web page via wireless. Saving the hassle of connecting PC and Flukso directly for making changes, checking status, etc.
I have done it and it works great. The Flukso connects to my home network via wifi and from there it accesses the internet but also any browser on my home network can access the Flukso device's inbuilt web page to perform changes, check status etc.
Here is the forum post that describes how to do it. Only takes a minute or two to do and saves so much time and hassle.
Basically you connect the Flukso to your PC, ssh into it. Then issue the following commands.

  1. uci set firewall.@zone[1].input=ACCEPT
  2. uci commit
  3. /etc/init.d/firewall restart

Please read the full forum post if you need more information.
Credit goes to ICARUS75 for the information.

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If I do that I loose the wireless side and it only connects to web thru the ethernet, but I can then read the FLM.
If I toggle the button it goes to wifi (press button for 3 secs,) I cannot get a reading from the ethernet for the FLM settings whilst it is running wifi ?

Not sure what you mean about DHCP client or server.

What I want to do after its running ok to wifi and Dash thru wifi, is to be able to see the FLM from the ethernet. (I have a cable remote wired into my house to an PC)This seems to be eluding me.
That is why I asked about wifi on another thread.


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I had to redo ALL the settings again as a 20 second push Reset everything ?

Got it going for the moment.
Mine never seems to have the same timing as the manual says :(

I can now get wifi consumption and solar and the FLM on ethernet.
Now to try for the umpeenth time to get the FLM on wireless. (Im betting it crashes 'again' too )

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If your Flukso can connect to your network using wifi and from there to the internet to report stats.
Then any PC on your network should be able to access it for the "Minute" dash chart.
The firewall changes to the Flukso listed in my previous post then allow any PC on your network to also access your Flukso's config pages.

That is how i have mine setup. My Flukso's only network connection is a wifi connection to my network.
The wifi is used for the Flukso reporting sensor figures to the server, it also allows me to access my Flukso devices config pages from any PC on my home network.

Basically all the firewall changes are doing is allowing access to the devices config pages via the wifi connection.

P.s. DHCP client/server is just the process used by PC to request an IP address. The DHCP client is the device asking for an IP address and the DHCP server is the device assigning (handing out) IP addresses.

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Hi Bazzle,

Why don't you just use the FLM in ethernet mode? In that mode, as opposed to wifi mode, there will be no port blocking by the firewall of the local FLM admin web pages. You will need to find out which IP address has been allocated to your FLM by your home router though. Your eth port with the FLM in ethernet mode will not have the address.

If you can't find out what your FLM's IP address is in eth mode, just shout and I'll tell you. Just make sure you've got your FLM set up in eth mode first.


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OK. Ill leave it alone for a while. It is working that way again for now.