Using flukso for PV and consumption monitoring on independent installations


I would like to get a Fluksometer, but my PV Solar installation is independent and away from my house electric installation.

Is there any way to get production and consumption with only one Fluksometer in my case? Or would i need a second one?

What clamp should i buy for monitoring the PV Solar?

Thank you!

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How far apart is your house and your solar?
Maybe you could extend a pulse output from a meter to the other location.
If it is not possible to run a cable between house and solar then you will probably need to have a second flukso.
Maybe some other fluksonians could comment on how far they have successfully ran a pulse input.

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Does your solar installation have a complete separate line from your consumption meter ?

(no consumtion on the solar circuit)

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Yes it does.

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Then you can put also a 2nd meter in your home fusebox or you can use a current clamp