Check if the flukso meter receives data on the inputs

Is there a way to check if the unit is receiving any data on those port/current clamps?

Is measuring the voltage over those inputs a good way of determining that the clamps are connected well to my mains line?

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Hmm, I moved the cables from input 2 to input 1 and I am still getting readings on input 1, so I guess my amp clamps are ok.

Maybe the upgrade messed up my sensors? Any other options here than a reset to factory defaults & try to reconfigure?

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Okay, I have tried these things so far:

- check my cables of the Amp clamps, they seem okay, as I can read voltage with the multimeter
- use mosquitto to show me the realtime data, only these 2 sensors give me feedback:
- These sensors do not give any feedback:
- I pressed the reset button for 75 seconds and did a full reconfigure of the unit, just to make sure, but the issue still persists.
- I cannot log in to the web interface of my local device with root/root, when it is linked to my wifi network. Is this by design?


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Yes, normally you can not log into the device web page trough wifi, you have to make connection with a lan cable en point your webbrowser to and log in with root / root like you said.

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Okay, but I am still not reading anything on sensor port 2 and 3 (sensor db32b356cbede56be4ac3490c0d5afa8 and 04dc6f3ba21276e65d868a4a1528ef26), even after the reset to factory defaults.

Any suggestions?

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Is there anything to measure, or not?
My watermeter doesn't give readings too, unless someone is taking water (shower, bath, toilet, ...).

If there is anything to measure, you have to check 4 things:
1) is the cable correctly attached to the source (power clamp, water meter, gas probe, ...)
2) is the cable correctly attached to the Flukso? If the cable red/black is switched or the ends of the cable don't have/make a good contact to the Flukso -> no readings
3) Is the setup in the flukso correct? If you indicate that each "reading" is 0,001 liter water and it's actually 0,5 liter water, you will not see too much in your graph (I'm exagerating to mkae my point clear)
4) Did you enter the correct sensor ID in your Flukso dashboard (or the MQTT client).

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The 2 sensors that are not showing any readings are phase 2 & 3 of my incoming power feed, and I know that I am using power on those lines.

Just to make sure, I am following all of your suggestions:

1) Yes, double checked by connecting current clamp 2&3 to input 1 on the flukso and it show a current in mqtt.
2) I could double check this, what should I get with a multimeter when I disconnect the connection strip from the flukso and measure inputs of sensor 2 & 3? A reading between 0 and 5 V?
3) How do I check? I did not change anything in the Flukso, it just stopped working (I think after the october-november upgrade)
4) Can the upgrade to 232 mess up 2 of my sensor ID's? I did not change them.

I'll check out the config later today, using a cable, just to double check all the sensor ID's and measure the voltage coming out of the amp clamps. I'll keep you updated, thanks for the feedback!

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Okay, I double checked some stuff. and can confirm that I am seeing 3 different voltages on my amp clamps, and plugged them one by one in my sensor 1 port and they all give different readings. This seems to confirm that the amp clamps are ok.

The sensor ID's on the internal page of the flukso are the same.

I did do some digging in /etc/config/flukso and it seems that I have this config:

config sensor '1'
option type 'electricity'
option class 'analog'
option voltage '230'
option current '50'
option id '7ce3725835415c862bf5fd53aff55b84'
option function 'fase1'
option enable '1'
list port '1'
list port '2'
list port '3'

config sensor '2'
option type 'electricity'
option class 'analog'
option voltage '230'
option current '50'
option id 'db32b356cbede56be4ac3490c0d5afa8'
option function 'fase2'
option enable '1'

config sensor '3'
option type 'electricity'
option class 'analog'
option voltage '230'
option current '50'
option id '04dc6f3ba21276e65d868a4a1528ef26'
option function 'fase3'
option enable '1'

Can anyone confirm that this is ok? I would guess that I could move the list port bits to the corresponding sensors and it could be fixed?

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Okay, this tweak seems to show all 3 phases now, so the update must have messed things up? It seems like it mapped my 3 phases (input 1,2,3) to sensor 1, but I configured it initially to have 3 sensors.

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Hello pieterjan, just a littje off-topic, how do you do it to see the config file mentioned above:
/etc/config/flukso ? Via the browser or so ?

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SSH client - you have to log into the FLM via an SSH-capable terminal program, e.g. putty.

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Ah Putty, ok, i shall try it.