Connect to Flukso on network: user/pw


I installed/configured my Flukso a couple of days ago.
But now I installed it in my network, I can't connect to it via my browser.

The IP is, but when I connect to and I enter root/root, I get "Wrong username or password. Please try again."
I have no idea what I have to use as user/pw instead?

I can read the flukso with the mosquitto thing, there I apparently don't need a password?

Can anyone help me on this?

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Why do you use port 8080? There I'll also get a root/root unknown; port 80 (the "ususal" http port) works as it should...

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If I connect on port 80, I get nothing at all.

Oeps! Google Chrome kan geen verbinding maken met
Probeer opnieuw te laden: 192.­168.­1.­3

When I try port 8080, I get a login page.

I tried this on Chrome, IE8 and Firefox.
Each time nothing on port 80 and only on Firefox and Chrome I get the login page that doesn't allow root/root.

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I have the same issue on 1 of my flukso's.. Port 80 doesn't work, 8080 is no problem but can't login with root/root

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The firewall blocks connections from WiFi. Use a direct Ethernet connection to configure the device or follow along below.

Using a direct Ethernet connection do the following in terminal. Then you should be able to access the config pages from any browser on the network.

  1. ssh root@ [passwd: root]
  2. uci set firewall.@zone[1].input=ACCEPT
  3. uci commit
  4. /etc/init.d/firewall restart


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Thanks a lot, this worked for me!

(and why is this information not in the Flukso manual)