Clamp schematics, details of protection circuitry

Schematics have been published for the flukso units' sensor boards, but are any specs or schematics available for the induction clamps? The store page mentions "protection circuitry" without going into details, and since I only have enough for my own installation I haven't been willing to dissect one.

Background: in having some unrelated electrical work done my Flukso unit was questioned by an inspector, who wasn't willing to recertify the panel without knowing what the unit was or its operational limits. I can pass the inspection simply by removing the unit, but I'm poking around to see if I can actually answer the latter questions.

There aren't any fuses shown in the sensor board diagram between the input connector and the AVR, so whatever protection there is against shorts, e.g. between the mains wires and the ferrite ring wiring through a broken clamp connector, would be elsewhere in the clamp.

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Corresponding to the manufacturer sign on the clamps it should be one of these models: See (Google sometimes helps) - on this page there is also a note on the protection cirtuit. Note: I am neither related to the manufacturer nor do I have more information, but all information shown seems "reasonable".

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The CT's comply CE and UL regulations for 600VAC max CAT III. For proper installation, they need to be attached to a fully insulated conductor within your fuse box.