Silly question: How search the forum posts

How do I search the forums?

I just got my FLM2 today and I am having some issues getting it up and running. Before I break out all the noob questions I thought I would search the forums as I can't believe I would be the first person to have dramas setting these up.
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Problems I am having:
1) My wifi LED is blinking sporadically (about once every 1 or 2 seconds). Definitely blinking faster than once every three seconds [good wifi], and slower than twice per second [no wifi connection]
2) How do I tell what reporting mode the FLM is in?
3) On my Flukso devices page I can see that my FLM has previously registered a heartbeat (half an hour ago), but the uptime is listed as "0d 0h".

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Add in your google search sentence tot search the forum.



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haha - that's what I had resorted to.

I figured it is the poor mans's forum search (and also relies on google indexing the site on a very frequent basis), but it will have to do for now.

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Hi jasonp,

1/ Connect to the ethernet port and load the local sensor page. Verify whether the ping test succeeded.
2/ If the wifi LED is blinking, you're definitely in wifi-mode. A permanently-on wifi LED means the wifi is off. (I know, this LED behavior will not win an interaction award)
3/ Heartbeat calls to the server are triggered at 1-hour intervals. The first heartbeat call is made right after boot, so the uptime will indeed be 0d 0h.
4/ Building a decent search functionality for the forum/site would mean setting up an Apache Solr instance (or something similar). For now, I prefer to let the fine dudes in Mountain View do all the indexing for us.


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Thanks guys for the searching help and assistance with basic troubleshooting. I'll move my next lot of beginners install questions to another thread.