Connect to internet via Ethernet port and GSM router?

Hi, for an industrial application I would like the Fluksometer to connect to the internet via it's Ethernet port and a GSM router. Specifically, I can't connect to the WiFi network at the site, and I wish to avoid creating my own WiFi network such for the Flukso.

Can anyone recommend a low cost GSM router? For example, I found this one, but it has a serial port, not an Ethernet port:

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How about a mifi device and you won't have to worry about cables? Or a router that supports 3G USB dongles?

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Hi Automatronic, the GenIP 20i looks like it has more features than I need, what does it cost?

Hi LB, yes a MiFi device would work but I'm trying to avoid WiFi. Ideally, the unit would be "all in one" instead of a 3G USB dongle plugged into a router. What I'm looking for is a MiFi unit without WiFi, with an Ethernet LAN port, and powered by 12 V DC, for less than $100.

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Then I would suggest a router with built-in GSM/3G support (a SIM slot) and then just turn off the Wifi. Unsure about the 12V supply though.

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The GenIP 20i is a very nice & powerful machine, but indeed probably too sophisticated and too expensive (public price of 600€) for what you are trying to do.

You might also have a look at these pieces of hardware:

The ER75i cost about half the price of a GenIP20 but I think it's going to be very hard to find a GPRS router *with ethernet* for less $100 (unless you buy them in bulk of 10000 units in China).

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I had a quick look on eBay and this might be what you are looking for.
Not quite as cheap as you were after but close (AUD$140).
It has an 4 ethernet ports and a slot for a sim card.
Can't tell what voltage the power pack supplies but you could message the seller and ask.
Maybe also ask if the wifi can be disabled.

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I found this product:, and a comprehensive manual can be downloaded. The F3423 model supports 3G, and I found a supplier who claims to be able to deliver it for USD$35 each (minimum order quantity of 10 units). What do you think - will this work well with the Fluksometer?

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Hi Jeremy,
I would like to ask you if you have succeded with the F3423 modem? I would like to try it as well.
Thanks and regards,