Error - The call for sensor smart-main experienced a timeout. You are probably not in the same local network as the FLM.

Hello, i'l need some help.
Yesterday my brand new FLM come to my home:)
1. I connected to the FLM to my WiFi network and added the serialNo to the account site.
2. I put on a one clamp to port 1 and restarted FLM

noting happend, no graph no info in my Dash.

I'l read the post about problem to browsers timeout but no data...

Have i miss something in the installation?


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Not that I'm the expert here (I'm only a "fluksonian" for 2 weeks now, but a satisfied one ;-)), but there are a lot of good starting points on this forum already, which notified similar issues, ánd include a solution for them.

1) The first thing to do is "RTFM" (not ment as an insult, just a good advice): The manual can be downloaded from the Flukso site "Install menu", and then a click on the title button. It contains a detailed step by step procedure to get your installation running.
2) Second thing to do (if it works), is log in to the ethernet interface of your device and check the status (hartbeat, last message). This can narrow down your search for solutions (if problems should persist) and give you appropriate nomenclature to look for a solution
3) look on google (or any other web search engine) with the additional "" entry. This limits your search to this site.

Kind regards,
a satisfied newbie

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RTFM stands for "Read the Flukso Manual" (in this case ;-))

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As above, first step is the manual. Which can be found here:

Essentially, once the flukso is plugged in you will need to log into it - NB out of the box the flukso has a firewall and you can only access the web interface via the Ethernet port on (make sure your PC/Laptop has a compatible IP.. IE

From the web interface, setup sensor 1 as per whatever you are using (Clamp / energy) and make sure you tick enable

Restart the flukso and log into the web interface again. check that everything is reporting ok and also that the last sensor synchronization has complete successfully.

Then check the sys log tab - scroll to the bottom and may need to refresh after a few minutes - and look for "Processed pulse : 3982xxxxxxx" The numbers/letters will be the sensor ID

After a few minutes of monitoring power usage and processing pulses, you should eventually see POST Http://" <-- Make sure at the end it has 200 which i believe indicates a successful post

Also please note that you may need to wait 5-15 minutes from when its online and receiving/posting pulses before they show up initially in the graphs of both flukso dash and or pvoutput.

Let us know how you go

(Another satisfied flukso customer)