Current clamp on domotica (loxone)?

Good morning,

I'm very interested in flukso. I'm going to use the gasprobe and connect this to my domotica (loxone). This is easy because it just gives pulses... But can the current clamp also be connected to my domotica? Or how does it send it's values? And is this going to work with 3x400N net? I would like to monitor my 'main' electiricty cable. And I also got solar panels, how is this going to affect the monitoring of my main elektricity cable?

Thanks in advance!

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Up! Exact same question here.
What does the FLS06-50 current clamp have as output?


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The output is an dc voltage proportional to the current who flows trough one fase of the power cable.
I think it is not suited for other equipment than an Flukso. The impedance is important to what circuit it is connected to, so the readings will only then be accurate.
Best is to use kwhmeter with pulse output for consumption, same for the solar kwhmeter.