ETA on FLM v3

I'm just wondering if there is an ETA on the FLM v3?

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I'd be up for some info on this as well. Would like to purchase 10 more for projects and sales to my customers.

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I'm also interested in the Fluksometer 3. On the last blog entry it seemed to be available very soon, but it's silent since 2 months now.

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Access denied when i try to access that page.

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It seems currently "out of stock" - so, if it is not available in the shop then also the "spec link" fails.

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The next production batch will be released in the 2nd half of March. We'll add the FLM03E to the shop shortly after.

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good news!

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is there more new about v3?
still not in the shop

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They're available again in the shop.

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The price is much higher than the version 2, but still a very good energy monitor.