current clamp read both ways?

Can the flukso current clamp read the power for generation and import based on either positive or negative values? i wasn't aware current clamps could identify the direction of current but was since told they can.
I have a setup where the solar inverter is located in a sub circuit so without being able to read import and export + generation i dont know my usage.

If i could read the export and import in 1 go and knew my generation it would all work out sweet

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The FLM02's can't, the FLM03's can; but both not in the "simple setup" - physically "can" does not necessarily mean that the corresponding detection is molded into software (what most computer scientists neglect, as it is "just software")
In flmlocal I made the trick to "state" which direction a flow goes, but per clamp, not detected on a single one which then "must understand" direction of current flow.
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