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I have a Flukso FLM02B and it's been working flawlessly for over 4 years now. I'm starting to learn more about home automation and want to send sensor data from the Flukso to an MQTT service.

I've seen screenshots of the Flukso interface showing an MQTT menu item. When I log into my Flukso locally, I don't see this menu item across the top. All I see are the menu items shown in the attached screenshot.

Model: FLM02B
Firmware: 232

Can anyone point me in the right direction?



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To display the menu item, take a look here:


mqtt service is available without this - the menu items allow you to display graphs using the inbuilt mqtt data

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And upgrade your FLM to revision 250 for stability and all relevant services. Note to use the FLM02 variant of flmlocal. vk2him linked the v3 version.

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Thanks for the prompt responses. I'll give it a try.

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I finally had the opportunity to take the advice that was offered above.

Firstly, I updated the firmware as suggested to 250. Following that I noticed the MQTT menu appear.

Secondly, I downloaded the GIT repo and used SCP to copy the contents of the www folder from the repo to the Fluksometer.

Next, I tried it and it didn't work. I did a little troubleshooting and realised I had failed to switch to the FLM02 branch before copying the file. I switched branches to FLM02 and the copied the files over to the www folder again hopefully overwriting the incorrect files.

Unfortunately, this has not managed to fix my mistake and now I get either...
1. The Flukso banner with no menu and no page content in the main section
- or -
2. I get the old menu items WITHOUT the MQTT menu appearing.

Rather then mucking around too much and making things worse, can anyone offer a suggestion to how I might best fix this?

Also, I cannot seem to connect to the Flukso using the WiFi interface. I know it works as it is used to push measurements to the Flukso site.



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If you didn't back up your www-folder upfront (reverse direction scp - no backup, no mercy ;-)), perform a factory reset and start over again. The mqtt menu is also part of the flmlocal visualization; you'll find it in the configuration submenu as last entry (it's in the app.js listed).

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And ALWAYS perform a browser cache refresh as libraries keep being loaded - start with that actually prior to the factory reset (as there is no harm copying the www-folder).