Disconnections / Not uploading graphs


I've noticed from time to time that data isn't uploaded anymore.
A reboot of the meter helps, but of course, all data that wasn't uploaded is lost.

Last weekend, i've did some tests, and saw that when you simple remove the antenna, and put it back, it works again. So this without losing the data.

I've put the antenna now in direct line with the access point. Distance is about 10m...
Maybe it was an interference with the electrical cables?

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A large metal object in the vicinity of either station like a boiler, heater, metal rack, etc. can also be a cause of interference. Repositioning the Fluksometer (even a few centimeters) can have a significant effect on signal strength.

If you connect to an installed Fluksometer via ethernet, you can browse to Click on the page's 'scan' button. The page will refresh and list the wifi base stations can see with the corresponding signal strengths. The 'link' column should read at least 20/70 to have a stable wifi link. The '20' means that the signal level is 20dB above the noise floor (=-95dBm).

  1. Link    ESSID   …    Encr.  Signal    Noise
  2. 66/70   zwaluw  …    on     -29 dBm   -95 dBm


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Is there any possibility to extend the antenna if you have a problem with the connection? I have at certain places, where I want to measure, less than 20 for the link.



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Hi LiLa65,

1/ A 50 Ohm coax with RP-SMA connectors can be inserted between antenna and Fluksometer connector.

2/ You could replace the standard Fluksometer (or your router's) antenna with a high gain (e.g. 9dB) omnidirectional antenna with RP-SMA connector. These are quite a bit longer than the Fluksometer's antenna (+- 40cm) and will boost the wireless signal in both directions (Tx and Rx). They achieve this by having a narrower vertical beam width. This will make alignment more sensitive though.

3/ Alternatively, you could install a wifi repeater station to extend your base station's range.


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I have a bit the same problem.
The flukso works fine for about 2 hours and after that no data updates are shown in the graph.
Sometimes the wifi led blinks fine (slow blinking).
When i check the system settings i see 17/70 - 28/70.
Sad the flukso doesn't support wireless N networks. It's using b/g mode.

Is my problem wifi connection related?
Will it help to install a bigger antena or will this not resolve this at all?

I am using the pulse input on the flukso.
Is there any limit in cable length i can use on the pulse input.
I could try to bring the flukso closer to the wifi router.