Cannot connect to flukso anymore


I've Got a Home network connected via DMZ to Internet. My Laptop is Win7 64bit that gets IP address from DHCP server (Win2k8) in my Home LAN. Changed my adapter's IPv4 Network mask to to be able to connect to the flukso, pointed to and got connected to flukso web server.
Changed Wifi settings to WPA2 Personal and entered passkey
Changed IP address to
Changed Internet IP from DHCP to None
Saved settings

Changed my Laptop back to automatic obtaining IP address (=> mask)

From then on I couldn't get a connection to the flukso neither at nor at

Tried to reset by removing power plug and putting it back in while holding the reset key with a tooth pick. Waited a minute until the wifi led kept blinking for 1 sec.
The Same result: couldn't get a connection to the flukso neither at nor at

Browsed the forum. Found out the device was supposed to automatically connect to the internet without me enabeling it to.
Then I registered and found Last hartbeat Tue, 24 Aug 2010 21:58:50

1) What did I do wrong and how get I get back on track?

2) Where can I download a manual ?



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Hi Mark,

The IP address you've configured is the one on the ethernet interface, which has a DHCP server running on it. So if you attach your laptop to the Fluksometer via ethernet, your laptop being configured in DHCP client mode, then you should get an IP from the Fluksometer.

The internet connection protocol (which is the wifi side) should best be left in DHCP mode, unless you have all static IPs in your wifi.

The reset button only works to reset the network stack. It does not yet have a return to factory settings.