Display negative values on Flukso dash?

I have P1 smart meter integration working with FLM but often during the day I am a net contributor to the grid (I have a PV installation) and thus have a negative smart-main sensor value on the electricity page. Dash seems to lock the Y-axis at 0 and doesn't display the negative value, although the tooltip does give the negative value so I know it's in the DB.

Is there any conf a user can do to modify the Y-axis so it will display negative values? Or is this something that can be done on the flukso.net server side?


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Hi Chris,

Will be fixed in the coming days. Some code needs to be tweaked. Up until now, all sensors had a counter that strictly incremented. With the recent smart meter support, this is no longer the case. This was also the reason you were seeing those hick-ups in the charts. I've patched your FLM to get it to work with a decrementing counter. The patch will be included in the next firmware release.