Re-Installation issues


A few weeks ago I acquired the Flukso and installed it immediately using only sensor port 4. Just before my holiday I activated sensor 5 including the wiring as I expected solar panels to be installed during my absence. Only 2 days later (before installing the panels) all broke down.... It stopped uploading my data to the flukso server.

I already spent two evenings trying to figure out what is wrong and today I took the Flukso, decoupled the wiring (pulled it out of the flukso socket) and decided to imitate everything I did the first time.....

However no succes: the server sync and server ping do not work..... strange enough the moment I connect my flukso to the laptop I loose my (wifi)connection for http-traffic. (Spotify continues to play...) That is probably the reason for the server sync/ping fail.)

Does this ring a bell to anyone?

In addition; when I go the configuration page and have the flukso rescan for wifi networks, then none are discovered while there are many networks in the near surroundings. Using the toggle does not help.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!



irene's picture

if you place the flukso near the router do you have reception then?

The wifi module can be broken, of the pigtail cable connecting to the print is lose.

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It seems as if the wifi has broken down; I have attached an ethernet cable and all now works fine!