Do I need 2 Flukso Meters ?

I have a couple of questions hoping somebody can help:

1. I have 3 Phase electricity coming into my home but my Inverter is only single phase.
Do I need to purchase 2 Fluksometers and 4 clamps (1 for each phase - clamped to my consumption side and 1 clamp for the solar leg) ?

2. Can I send the data up to pvoutput and graph solar and consumption ?


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From the experiences also discussed in this forum you'd better not use a current clamp for inverter measurement but a impulse counter (there are "smart meters" out there for less than 20 bucks that provide such conveniently) - then you would have 3 clamps for consumption and one pulse port for supply (what also is my setup)
On pvoutput to my knowledge you can provide one consumption and one supplying source from flukso - so (to be checked) you would need to use the "combine option" on the three current clamps into one measurement (I currently just show the supply on pvoutput)
Use following G**gle search option for finding corresponding threads in this forum:
" ", for example " phantom load" to see - note that on AC you deal with real and reactive power, therefore the "misreadings" from current clamps on inverter output
Facit: You'll need only one FLM if you use the recommended impulse measurement on your PV.
Best regards
Markus (from Germany)