Doing math with graphs (ADDITION/SUBSTRACTION)

Just discovered your nice product.
I have a 3 phase installation. I also have a PV-installation.

It would be nice to visualize my PV-production and my consumption on the same graph.
I think i need a second fluksometer to accomplish this, but also the possibility to put in some data as IN or OUT.
Is this possible (in the near future)?

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Hi Bart,
Is this possible? I have a 3 phases-installation, already consuming my 3 sensor-ports.(1 port per phase).
My PV-installation "injects" my power into two phases. So i presumed i needed 5 sensors in total.
Cheers Stefaan

PS: 1) would that mean i have to abandon my gas and water measuring?
2) what sensors do i have to use?

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just let it inject power into the two fase first...Then add the "clamps" so it only measures the power you withdraw from street (or) pv

you have *1* grc counter? you can use 1 pulse-sensor for the grc counter and have 1 graph that shows your PV generation;
the 3 fase sensor ports can be combined as 1 graph showing your consumption

you now have 1 pulse and 1 485 port left for other stuff