Don't have any reads on the dash board

hi there ,

so ,
my flukso status is all green
on the web site : the device is on with the serial nr
: the sensor is on with the token
i connected the fuksometer at a 50 am clamp , and the clamp i connected to a cable that feeds a bulb , there are no readings on the dash website.

i noticed that my wi-fi light is falshing twice per second , that means there is no wifi connection( curious on the status log it says that is connected ).

can someone knows what i did wrong ?(i have read the manual )
explain step by step pls

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Presuming the lamp is lit and the clamp sits (only!) around the live wire, can you see 200's results in the syslog?

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Seems like sensor readings are coming in and are being rendered on the dash since yesterday. Putting a lock on this thread.