Hi all

i know i am doing something simple wrong i have setup my sensors and wifi but can not get my fluckso to connect to the internet the globe on the fluckso does not light up.

under services i have all 3 options selected.

thanks for any help


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no i have this in my log
Jan 1 05:26:23 flukso-32f93e user.notice root: ntpd needed a kicking
Jan 1 05:26:29 flukso-32f93e supd[794]: Received event STOP for ntp
Jan 1 05:26:29 flukso-32f93e supd[794]: Received event START for ntp
Jan 1 05:28:12 flukso-32f93e kernel: [19692.880000] eth0: Configuring MAC for full duplex

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No internet connection so no Network Time Protocol (NTP) in order to set the time right. Try unplugging the Flukso from the power supply for a few seconds and plug it in again. Then, when you click 'Status', do System, Network and Sensor config synchronisation all get a green OK marker?

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I can now get it to connect to the Internet when it is connected via cat cable but once I disconnect the cable and try wifi it does not connect
Any help would be appreciated

Thanks brett

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These suggestions may be trivial, but its best to start with checking the basics:

Are you sure that the user name/password / SSID of the wifi are correct?
Correct protocol entered in the FLM settings?
Any mac adress filtering or firewall active on the network?
If conneced by wire, do you see the flukso in the connected client list on your router info page?
If so, try pinging it from outside? & check the data transfer?

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yes password is protocol correct
applied mac filtering to allow mac address but the glob light does not come on the on light lights up the heart beet light and the wifi light but the glob does not come on

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Please press the toggle button 3-5 seconds. It may solve your issue...

From the manual, p 2
Toggle reporting mode
If you press the button for 2 to 5 seconds, the Fluksometer will toggle its reporting mode to the Flukso server from wifi to ethernet or vice-versa. A blinking wifi LED indicates the Fluksometer is
in wifi mode. An always-off (always on for older firmware) wifi LED means it's in ethernet mode. (what you describe: ethernet mode)

If the wifi interface is enabled, the wifi LED will blink. A fast blink rate [approx. twice per second] signals that no wifi connection can be established. A slow blink rate [once every three seconds] signifies that a wifi connection has been successfully set up.

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When the mode is toggled from Wifi to ethernet, will it stay in this mode when powered off/on or will it revert to Wifi mode?

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It stays in the mode it was in, after power loss, i think. With my firmware version and in wired ethernet, at least, but i assume its universally true for any flukso . Which makes sense, otherwise you'd have to reconfigure your flukso after every power outage...

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Yes, it stays in the last chosen mode for the reasons Ryton desribed... (at least it showed exactly this behavior on various power outages, caused by the utility and myself)

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hi yes the wifi is connected
on the status page network is ok conected and ping flukso server

but the only way to get it to get the glob to connect is to go to the services tab and click save

loads the services

but once i unplug device and plug it back in my meter box and turn back on the globe will not come back on the power and heart beat and wifi lights up

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I'm a bit confused here. It seems that after removing the Flukso's power supply and connecting the power plug again, the Flukso works OK except for its internet connection.

Does this also happens when you switch off MAC-filtering?

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Does this also happen when you switch off MAC-filtering? [Or how would I like an editing function after posting.]

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Hi, if I remove the cat5 cable which means I can not log into the unit and turn the unit off and back on it boots up the power light comes on the heart beat light the blobs comes on for a few seconds them goes out and about 2 minutes after that the wifi light comes on and stays on.

Yes the same after turning mac filtering off

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I would suggest following RYTON's advice once again, e.g. can you ping the Flukso when it is on Wi-Fi? It seems a network problem, which I can't repeat over here. Restart the router might be a good idea.

[If everything fails there is a the way to re-installing from scratch by keeping the toggle switch pressed between 60 to 120 seconds and waiting long enough in order to re-install the firmware. It's probably overkill but I did that once or twice when I really had scr-w-d up. It takes a very long time though and is kind of nerve wrecking.]

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hi i tried resetting it still not work.

it must be a network issue as i can not ping the flukso when it is in wifi mode with out the either net cable connected.

just not sure why i cannot ping the device.

thanks brett

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Hi all
It was a network error I had my router set to

As soon as I changed it to

The flukso connected and the globe came on

Thank you every one for there help

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Glad you found it! Happy metering - Jos

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That's great news!
Wish you Happy Flukso-metering too!

Feel free to ask / discuss should something else still be unclear.

Kind regards,