easy way to export data to your own database

For al the user that has no skills to programm on the FLM ;-) as me.
So i can save mij own data for years


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Just for the minutes: See also https://www.flukso.net/content/req-noob-guide-extract-data-csv-or-dbase
Indeed there might be some space on the FLM to store data for CSV-download from the local web interface.
For example, my SolarLog has a ring store for one month with 5 minute resolution to download as CSV-file using around 256KBytes.
This would mean for the FLM: 5 sensors * (avg) 30 days * 24 hours * (12 5-min-values (2 bytes) + 12 sensorIDs (1 byte, just ref) + 12 timestamps (8 byte))
So, approx 512KByte should be enough to spend... (which should be available in the main memory)
Bart, what do you think of such an option?
Kind regards,

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Or if there are space restrictions how about adding a feature to the Flukso so it can do an SQL insert with the data. The user simply nominates a database address, username and password in the Fulso setup and then as the Flukso sends the data to the Flukso server it also sends it to the users own database server.
This would also future proof the Flukso if ever the Flukso server was no longer available.
That way the Flukso boxes could outlive Flukso and not become landfill.
It would also make the Flukso boxes useful where there is no internet connection.

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Woops, don't you wish there was a way to edit posts. :)

I just re-read the entire thread and realised PVCASTAERT was suggesting the same thing as me. I hadn't clicked on the link in PVCASTAERT's post and mistakenly thought the suggestion was for a database on the FLM itself. So appologies for creating a duplicate suggestion and +1 vote for PVCASTAERT suggestion.

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Also it would be great if FLUKSO.net had an option to "export to CSV" for a date range from the online database. The data is already being logged there anyway, so why should I have to set up a local mySQL database etc etc..

You can access it via scripts/API etc etc but it would be so much easier to have an interface on the website eg. which translates to an API call!