... make a wiki with all info and possibilities

... make wiki with all info & possibilities of the Flukso. I think much information is lost. Much of it is "somewhere" on the forum but it's difficult to find it there.

Maybe the wiki can be maintained by all Fluksonians ?

Thx !

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Ill 2nd that but I have no idea how it works ;)

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...there is actually no information lost as a wiki does not work differently than this forum; it would be a matter of write and especially change rights, potentially a "toc" (table of content) for the participants that could also be handled in the existing environment; the issue with a wiki as well as with the forum is, that with increasing content the probability to find or better not repeat an already addressed topic is decreasing. A wiki as well as this forum is only "valuable" with the knowledge it provides, thus "tagged and retrievable content". (The pyramid is: data -> information (as semantically ordered and aggregated data) -> knowledge (as contextually ordered information) -> wisdom (as inferred context from related information))
Facit: I don't see that a wiki will be any different than this forum. Thus, using convenient search, potentially an automated content tagging and an accessible, e.g. alphabetical, index to "jump" directly to potentially fitting topics would be much more helpful than "yet another type" of content provisioning...
For search we already have the capability through the "always current" G**gle index:

  1. search term: site:flukso.net <search topic>

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search term: site:flukso.net

Learnt something today :)

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A table of content or a good taxonomy system (tags) would be a big plus !

I've suggested to put this in a wiki as, there are many other ways to offer this to the end user I suppose. But things also should be summarized, or marked as a solution. I think I've read +20 posts about my gas meter before I really knew where to put my sensor. If there was something like a toc and a summary of these comments I would have needed only 10 seconds, rather than half an hour.

There are a lot of gems hidden on the forum, things you are not aware of and you're not Googling on. Yesterday I've found your Raspberry Pi script e.g., great work and very interesting but it really is hidden for us.

Do you plan an upgrade to Drupal 7 (6 is almost end of life) ? Maybe you can take these things together ;-) ?