Vraagje kan je een EM10 Din aansluiten op de fluksometer om mijn opbrengst zonnepanelen te loggen? Thx

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Hi Eddy,

Yes, you can. Just enable one of the pulse ports (4 or 5), give it an appropriate name and set the correct meter constant, i.e. see section 2.2.4 of the Fluksometer Manual [1]. Then you connect the S0 pulse output of the DIN-rail energy meter to the pulse port you've just configured. Please note that the polarity of the connection matters, so S0+ output to the + input, likewise for -.

[1]: http://www.flukso.net/files/flm02/manual.pdf

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So you mean I can just wire the S0+ and - output of my Finder energy meter to the flukso sensor 4 or 5 + and - input (resp.), no need to alter the Ampere / Voltage? Nu current necessairy? (I'm not an electrician).

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I also have EM10-DIN meter but I don't see any connections marked as S0+ S0-. I see something marked 41 42 and called "open collector output (O1)" in the manual . Is it the pulse connection?

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Yes, it is; if the polarity is not printed on the meter, then try it with a cable if you can detect pulses; if not, just reverse the cables. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_collector for what actually is behind the OC putput, just a transistor...

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A quick question: I have TWO of those EM10-DIN meters (2 separate solar installations). Can I connect them together to 1 pulse port? It's just that I also have a water meter-sensor, so I only have 1 pulse port left :-(.


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I doubt that you should do that - the FLM is capable to detect pulses down to 1ms, right. But to my knowledge the output pulses of the meters are longer (30 to 90 ms - see spec for actual values), so if one meter pulses and the other pulses in the pulse of the first, you won't get a count from the latter... Adding by putting them in parallel thus is not that easy or at least leads to increased inaccuracy (electrically it should work)...

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I have the same situation, but I was thinking to connect only one EM10, and adapt the pulse weight in the sensor settings to account for both. This only works if the production of your two PV arrays is always according to the same ratio. If you have no shading and identical orientation this should be the case.

The only disadvantage is that if the array which is not measured suddenly fails, you will not detect it.


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Hmm... Okay, I will first try to use the clamp to measure the consumption (I already have one...). If that doesn't work for one reason or another, I can always use the EM-10 connection as a fallback. BTW both are not identical. They have a different location, so their behaviour is not "in sync".

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@https://www.flukso.net/users/johan-crols : you could use 2 pulse ports for the solars on one fluksometer and add a second fluksometer for the water. Using the same account for the second fluksometer keeps all curves together in 1 dashboard. I did that and it works fine.