Flukso time 20min behind

My Flukso clock is running 20min behind, I saw it in live view (electricity) and that my heater starts at 6:10 (according to Flukso), but actually it starts at 6:30.
But in the Flukso settings I can't find a clock adjust/clock sync setting? How can I adjust the clock?

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The FLM02 device syncs with an NTP server to get correct time in UMT, and I understand the Flukso server displays the graphs based on the client computer time. So maybe check the time setting on your computer? If it's still out maybe try another computer and see if that display's correctly.

You can check the FLM02 device has the correct UMT time on one the LuCI configuration pages (accessible with wired LAN connection on unless you activated wireless/WAN access on the FLM02 command line)