"Ethernet mode" does not work : please help !


I would be very happy if someone could help me. I am struggling to make my flukso working in "Ethernet mode". It has work fine in the past but I do not know why it does not work since a couple of months.

The only way I found to access my flukso is to :
- connect it to my pc using an Ethernet cable
- activate the "Wifi mode" (clicking on the Toggle mode during 4 seconds)
Then I succeed to connect to the interface in a browser using address

As soon as I toggle to the "Ethernet mode", only the leds 'power' and 'heart' are on, all the three other ones are off (globe, network and wifi).

Any suggestion, help is more than welcome!


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If you want to leave it in ethernet mode do not activate wifi mode.
Im not too sure what you are saying :(