Flukso and hot weather (38 degrees celsius plus)

Hi Flukso team

I have had a Flusko running nicely for months now. Today has been an unseasonabley hot day in Sydney, and my Flusko has stopped operating properly - it's just showing 2, 3 or 4W usage, even though all the lights are on. This happened when the thermometer reached 38.8 C. It's now 32.5 C and it still hasn't started reporting 'reasonable' numbers.

I haven't power cycled the device yet, but can do if recommended.

This raises a question - what is the operating temperature of the Flukso?
Thanks for any advice.

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As there was no feedback, I power cycled my Flukso and it started working again (with air temperature at about 31 degrees). Today is going to be hot again, so I'll wait and see what happens.

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Once again today, as soon as the temperature hit 38 degrees C, the Flukso started reporting 2, 3 or 4W.
The Flukso itself is still working, is on the network, and reporting to flukso.net, so I wonder if it is the CT clamps which are unable to report accurately once the temperature reaches 38 degrees.

Can anyone provide advice on how I may diagnose whether it is the Flukso itself with the problem, or the CT clamps?


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It would seem strange that both clamps went out at the same time.
A ct clamp is a coil of wire that "may" get a fracture that opens when it expands.
Can you see each clamp individually?
It may be a component in the flukso . Can you move it out of the meter box?
Mine is in the meter box and has got over 40c many times with nill issues.

What I did see on my graph today (Im in Ringwood North Vic) was a power outage between 12.30 and 13.30 that showed as no solar production and 15watts from the house draw (Prob a Brown out, low voltage issue)
Also I dont use ct clamps but 2x din rail pulse meters feeding the flukso.
Its currently 36c here too.


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Hi Baz
Thanks for the ideas. I can see each clamp is reporting 2-3-4W (although my second clamp is on hot water and always reports 2-3-4W when there is no heating.

I am not home at the moment but will look and see if the clamps are closed and 'clamped' when I get home.

I can't really move the Flusko outside the meter box as then it would be outdoors.

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Try swapping clamps. Easiest at Flukso end. Ensure the wires are pushed in enough and contact the screws.

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Bazzle, thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately (well, fortunately really!) the temperature dropped to 25 degrees today so I had no way to test this. Next time it is hot, I'll try to be home to switch the clamps.

I gather this is not a problem in Europe...

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Swap them over in advance to save the time diagnosing later.
Europe gets just as hot.
Hopefully Bart will reply.

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I'm in Sydney with 1 x CT clamp - no issues over the last week with the high temps. As a test, heat the flukso with a hair dryer (not too hot though lol) and see - then try each CT clamp

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Unfortunately I haven't been able to replicate this as there has been no hot days since that heatwave, but either way, swapping the sensors is only going to mean I get no reading on the opposite sensor.

I will try the hairdryer method (with a digital thermometer by the sensor) though - that's a good idea.

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No Thoxodo - Swapping sensors is going to prove if you have a faulty clamp OR a faulty FLM port .... if you get no reading on the opposite sensor it means the clamp is faulty - if the sensor remains with no reading, the FLM port is faulty

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Thanks VK2HIM.

I still am none the wiser as to what the issue is, but today both my sensors have started reporting 2-3-4W in rapid succession. It is not particularly hot - this started when the temperature was 29.1 degrees, nine hours ago. I'll go back to the supplier as it appears either both sensors are faulty, or the Flukso itself is faulty.

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Hi all,
It turned out to be a faulty Flukso device. A replacement is working well so far on hot days.
I think something had been wrong with the first Flukso from day one - it always read 2-3W on my off peak hot water circuit, whether the temperature was hot or cold, when the hot water tank was not heating.
The new Flukso reads zero when the hot water tank is not heating.
Thanks to the Rowetel team.

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Good result :)

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I spoke too soon it seems :(

This new Flukso is now periodically not reporting any data sensor at all, yet it is definitely online, as it its "Last Heartbeat" in the portal is always within the last 60 mins.
I will try factory restoring it...

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Well, the factory reset has worked, and the unit is working again. Fingers crossed I don't have another faulty unit.

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Hi all.
I also have a similar problem.
Since my Flukso was installed in March 2015, the clamp monitoring my HWS shows between 1 - 6 W even if the HWS is off and/or the Off peak circuit is off (remotely controlled Supply). I thought this was just a result of the inaccuracy of using clamps so have put up with it.

Also since I had it installed to get the Flukso to be roughly close to my actual daily meter read, I have to set the voltage for the clamps at around 210V even though my Solar monitoring - Directly from a Xantrex inverter shows my voltages between 242 - 250V.

Initially checked clamp contacts at Flukso and clamps clamped correctly around the active wires. I have done resets, etc, but never got rid of the issues so just put up with it.
Would be really good to get it sorted.

Any thoughts?