Firmware 2.45 Beta Bugs.

After upgrading I have some bugs.

1) date / time deamon does not work. workaround set time manual. (date -s '2015.07.03-19:35')

2) minute tab shows readings with current time + 2 hours?? Time on flukso but other tabs display correct time. Think related to bug #1
My analyses Flukso is set to UTC, minute tab shows CET and other tabs show UTC.

3) graphs show irregular readings on hour tab see pic.
My system works with KWH pulse on switch box to get readings.
Sometimes for couple of hours I see flatlines so It looks like from point 1 to point 2 there are no readings.

@icarus75 Bart:
After testing Beta 2.45 is it posible to switch back if bugs are not solved?
Are there other users with same issues? Or can it be a issue with the upgrade so firmware should be pushed again to my box?

@Remark 15072015
Upgrade to final firmware 2.45 without any issues....

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Sorry, bug #2, not hour tab but day tab.... (forum should enable to edit posts???)

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I have no issues with v244 - have you checked that NTP can reach its destination? Is the corresponding port maybe blocked in your router?! (ref to
Can you ping the time servers listed in ?

With respect to timezone handling, see or

"All internal Flukso timestamp processing is done in Unix time. So at an application level, the FLM doesn't care about time zones. Only when data points are being rendered on the chart does the time zone setting come into play. But this time zone is derived from your computer's TZ, not the FLM one."

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No issues here either with v244 ... running for 9 days now

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@VK2HIM - actually you should have v245, so even better ;-)

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No v2.45 issues over here (Belgium) . This is not a bug but an isolated case of NTP misconfiguration, so it seems.

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Oops - yes v245 :)

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i have OpenWRT AA [12.09.1, r42647], Flukso [2.4.5-beta, 7474d390a2dd0f26]

yes I can reach the ntp servers over the network so nothing blocked via router. Only after upgrade I started to have issues...

It feels like my upgrade was not ok....

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@voogt I have checked the ntp operation on your FLM. The FLM was able to reach different ntp servers without any issue. I then removed this uci entry under system.ntp=timeserver:

  1. option enable_server 0

and then started the ntp daemon:
  1. /etc/init.d/sysntpd start

Ntpd adjusted the FLM's system time correctly, i.e. -119 minutes. I suspect that when you manually set the FLM's system time, you used CET instead of UTC. This explains your issue #2.

Could you confirm you disabled the ntp server at a certain point in time?

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The manual setting of time explains #2.

Disable of NTP was from start I did not have correct time and via forum came to: (it can be set by me at that time??)

Thanxs for resolving issue.