First installation flm01 - sensors problems and questions v01

thanks to jcnissen I now have a Flukso V1!
version 101

I installed it, managed to connect to the interface, and configure both the network adapters.
the device gets the right utc time from the ntp and talks with flukso website.

I attached the clamps to my cables, I have a single phase line, so I attached a clamp to one cale of the main line and the second clamp to a particular section of the utilities of the house (fridge + washer).

1) I attached the clamps to only 1 cable (the main line is composed of 2 cables (plus ground), i clamped one of the two), is it right?

2) I tried to connect the sensors either attaching:
first sensor to 1(+) 2(-)
second sensor 3(+) 4(-)
first sensor to 1(+) 2(-)
second sensor 2(+) 3(-)
but in my sensors configuration page (on I can see only one sensor!

3) I read about the fact that the v2 has a page inside the web interface of the flukso luCI that configures the sensors ( cgi-bin/luci/sensor), is there something similar also for the V1?
how can I name the sensors?

4)I have no readout from the sensor, in my Dash I can see only a consumption of 0, but both of my clamps are attached on lines that I am sure are drawing power

5)where can I find a manual for the V1 like the manual of the V2? it looks like many things have changed...

6) optional points ^_^, I'm looking for clearing the data relative to my device since it has a previous owner, but that's not very urgent right now

thank you,
sorry for any mistake/thing that I might have looked myself, I tried to search for all my problems but I cannot find the answers I need.


Matteo (from Italy)

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From memory, first sensor is connected to terminals 1 and 2, second sensor to terminals 3 and 4.
The second sensor required Bart to enable it in the backend. He assigned the names for mine as main and solar.
Are the clamps closed properly? If not, they will record low or perhaps even zero.
I've never seen a full manual for the flm01.

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An FLM01 does not have a local sensor configuration page because the parameters are hardcoded into the firmware. Your FLM01 is a 3-phase one. This means you should attach three 50A clamps in series (inputs are numbered right to left when looking at the FLM from the top):
clamp #1 to input 1(+) and 2(-)
clamp #2 to input 2(+) and 3(-)
clamp #3 to input 3(+) and 4(-)

It's not possible to connect two clamps to this specific FLM to measure two independent circuits. You can measure a single phase by attaching all three clamps to the FLM but only using a single clamp.