Want to buy Flukso for 240 V

Hi all,
i need to buy Fluksometer for my house and office. In our country single phase household supply voltage is 220 - 240 V and 3 phase for office is 415V.

I want to install Fluksometer for both my home and office.

If somebody helps me getting the list of devices i need to buy it will be greatly helpful .

And also i would like to know whether international shipping is available or not .

Regarding the monitoring is it possible to locally monitor it my system without connecting to the internet ? Because in village i dont have internet connection but i have a pc in my home.


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You'll need an FLM02A and a FLS01-50 per phase you're trying to monitor. One FLM02A can monitor up to three phases. Line voltage can be set per phase.

The FLM has a local API [1] which can be read out for further processing. You can also use the Android app or the real-time 'minute' chart on the dash.

[1] https://www.flukso.net/files/flm02/manual.pdf section 3.6