FLO3 though it was my DHCP allocation device...

Had a power outage last night.
Had a lot of trouble shooting to get my wifi network up and running again.
Router, switch resets and interrogations etc
Eventually ran "Fing" and saw that all my normally allocated ip addy's were 192.168.255.xx
in lieu of 192.168.0.xx
My FLO3 had assumed the role of an DHCP server !!
Turned it off, reset routers etc and all came good.
Took about 3 hours of messing around. I have a lot of smart devices and Alexa controlled switches etc.
Just couldn't get a handle on it :((

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Very strange behaviour indeed.
It is good it all came all right :-)

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err I think I got the model wrong. Its the second one V2B I think :(