Flukso V2 probably died


On the above video you can see that when the flukso is trying to boot or make a network connection (cable in my case) all the LED's turn of briefly. Then the sequence repeats over and over again.
No data is uploaded to the Flusko server anymore.
No direct connection possible over my home network.

Could it be something with the (internal) power supply that isn't strong enough anymore after more than 8 years of continuous use without major problems.

Anyone had the same experience?

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[2020/12/16 09:47 CET UPDATE]
Reconnecting the power supply after more than one hour results to nothing. No LED's light up.
Completely dead, RIP Flukso V2.

[2020/12/16 20:34 CET UPDATE]
My flukso is back online. The external power supply unit was dead. The voltage was only 8Vdc in stead of 12Vdc. Using another power supply of 12Vdc solved my problem.

Conclusion my flukso is not dead!

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I experienced the same thing last week with my Fluksov2 9 years old ... I changed only the power supply and it works now like a young charm ..
Thanks for sharing this .