Flukso 3E replace Flukso 2B

In manual of #E version it states "P1 poort" for smart meter not functional yet , is this already resolved?

How many pulse ports ar posible with 3e?

Ports 1, 2, 3 clamp ports but also configuarable to pulsseport?
Ports 4,5,6 pulse port
Port 7 to use for dutch smaart meter?
So 3E can manage one extra source in comparison with 2B?

The new featueres for kubes, when will cube be sold in shop or is it a do your self project?

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In a few weeks, due to a roll-out project in Belgium (Flanders), I will receive a digital meter replacing analog devices. The frames are already available/mounted. (analog 230V, analog 3p 400V)
Currently I have issues with port 4 or 5 of Flukso 2B connected to an Elster PR6 water meter.
Would a flukso 3E (smart meter) p1 port be operational in a few weeks and is port 4,5,6 compatible to work with pulse meters as PR6, etc.?
If yes, I like to replace the Flukso 02E by a recent Flukso 03E,
Pls advise. Is this a win-win or am I again in trouble with the pulse PR6 meter / digital meters.