Water Sensor

Is there anything specific that I need to do to activate the water pulse sensor?
Its not recording anything on my dashboard and my pulse meter works just fine...

I keep getting:

Error - The call for sensor Water Main experienced a timeout. You are probably not in the same local network as the FLM.

Please help.


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I also want to comment that the flukos is not detecting anything on the logs on port 4.
Not sure what is going... Any ideas? :(

Also do I need to use a specific gauge wire when extending it? I am going about 50 feet from where the meter is at to my flukso.

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The flukso is now detecting it but the dashboard is not displaying.

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I have a Elster Falcon PR6 watersensor on top of a V200 water meter.
After 4,5 years it stopped working because the imbedded battery was empty.
I knew that replacing the PR6 would gave me lots of issues so before replacing the old one I checked
some manuals, asked questions,...
Important: UK or EU format is important because you have only two screws available. The 3 one is some kind a hook in PVC which is very difficult to attach if you dont have the right PR6 pr watermeter. The magnetic part of PR6 must be pressed to the glass part of the watermeter because magnetic energy field is very low between PR6 and the half moon circle of the watermeter.
Connection must be ground (GRND) minus and yellow plus. Flukso port 4 or 5 (FL02) have two of them and signed + and -). If you have a long cable pls check the polarity+ to +, - to -.
Difficult on a 50 meter pair cable to find out were + and - are. (inversion if wires are segmented)
Try to use a battery of 9V and test the wires (Voltage). Must be 9V +. Disconnect the PR6 from any source!
Define the port 4 or 5 as pulse sensor 1:1 by using the Flukso port (browser login root)
Leave you watet flowing when you check the logs. You must see lots of records when you measure electricity (2-3 phases, solar) but sometimes the see a water sensor id record. Look at the last 4 digits ex. 3EE8 to find the water records between the electricity telegrams.
Doesn't work: PR6 is not near enough the half moon of the water meter (V200; H4000). Check.
Is + to +, - to - ??? or not? Turn the pair of wires 180 degrees and test again.
Oh, yes. The PR6/PR7 has been activated by the vendor/producer. Difficult to test. If is is a PR7 then you can use an external source (1,5 to 5V). connected to 2 other PR6 cables. It took me 14 days to get it working again.(elapsed)
Success. Marc.