flukso again no beat anymore

For some reason my Flukso is again gone.
Seems it is not sending data anymore since about a month.
I guess that data is again gone. What is the purpose then of having it.....

Had this already a couple of times in the past. Every time i have to spend hours to get is running again.
Suddenly it stops working. Disconnection the power does not resolve the issue.
Resetting does not work....

My flukso device is just useless and totally unreliable.

Any advice how i could make it running stable again?
Thx 4 that

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Well. For an error message „it does not work“ is a bit few information. Are you able to access the FLM directly, i.e. its config port? Is the local interface online? Does your router show it having a proper IP address? Is the heartbeat LED on? It the global LED on?
Please povide context. Otherwise any kind of remote diagnosis is just impossible. And yes, I may understand your frustration, but…

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thx for your feedback.
I now managed to restore it. I'm able to connect to it when it is linked to my computers ethernet.
Did the settings, at the end switched it to ethernet mode and then installed it.

But then it doesn't work anymore.
I starts up, and shows 4 leds including globe and eth.
But the heart does not start to beat.

In flukso control i also do not get a new heartbeat time.

Any idea?

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FLM 2 or FLM 3?
So you run your FLM on cable, not WIFI.
Installation via computer works at
Is the FLM connected to your router after you configured it on your computer?
Does the router/DHCP server provide an IP address to the FLM?
If yes, can you reach your FLM in your computer's browser via http://<FLM-IP-by-router>?
Did you follow the installation guide? (FLM network configuration)

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And finally, is your FLM correctly registered in this website (cogwheel in the menu bar)? You may delete it there and reenter the serial number to register it again.

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Its a FLM2.
Yes, connected it to my pc with cable to setup config. Then used the switch to move it to ethernet instead of wifi. Once connected it doesn't work.
But for now it is again reporting data. I just kept is 24h without power.

Strange thing now is when i connect to it using te browser and its ip, i see the interface with only navigation bar. Nothing else.
If i have a look at the dev tools in chrome i see something like.
=> cgi-bin/luci/rpc/uci?auth=0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef 403 (Forbidden)

No idea whats this about.
Tried cleaning the browser cache / cookies without result.

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Ok, from here on @icarus75 should take a look - the authorization string is a dummy...