Flukso and a myriad of items damaged by Lighting strike.

After a very close !!! lightning strike the power on one circuit went in our house.
After a bit of investigation...
ALL the SMOKE was emptied from the following....

1. Flukso
2. Ethernet wall plate and RJ45 plugs.
3. 16 way switch about 20m away.
4. Ethernet cables somewhere under the house (No continuity)
5. 2 x DIN rail energy meters used to supply SO (Pulse to the Flukso) mounted in switchboard.
6. 27" pc monitor
7. A few flashovers around the house at various plugs and sockets.
8. Maybe some more compromised things I am yet to discover!

I happened to have a 2nd hand Flukso I purchased off a member about 5 years ago. Took some work but finally got it going ready to put in the meter box along with some re wiring and 2x new pulse energy meters.
Added it to my Flukso account and removed the old one.
Used its Sensor and Token numbers and got it also showing in PVOUTPUT.org :)
The above work took about 2 full days of messing around ....
Could not get the same type of Pulse meters I originally had so I had to change the wiring layout in the switchboard. Lots of trial and error to get the correct Consumption and Solar data.

I tracked what I believe was the reason the lightning tracked thru my place and took out the stuff it did.
I had a pulse magnetic reed in my water meter 30m down the front garden. I believe the lightning used the cat5 cable laid into the garden beds to have a look into my place :)

Looking for another cheap spare now ;)
Note: I use 9v on my Flukso now. I think the original 12v supply was what compromises the early builds.

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Ask / Contact mr_thingy

I've got an FLM02B that I'm selling, with optional 3x pulse count meters if you want them, however if you're in Europe shipping is likely to be expensive, unless you've got a corporate courier account you can borrow or something.

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Im in Australia :0

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Cant send you a message? Im interested but where are you? Thanks.

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Hi Bazzle, I think MR_Thingy also lives there, he wants to sell a Flukso on Wed, 13/12/2023 - 08:43

I often search in thrift stores and on the internet, where I found 2 Flukso's flm02a and b some time ago.

good luck finding the Flukso

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Contacting him now :)

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Cant find him :(

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Possibly a case-sensitivity issue, it's mr_thingy. Still got the FLM02B.

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Im in Oz (australia)