Flukso Dash/Servers down?

is it just me or is anyone else not getting any dash or upstream graphs? mine have been offline since about 2am UTC on the 27th. : (

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i have also no graph

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Same problem here.

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same here..
... hope the data isn't lost :-)

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I've been doing some maintenance work on flukso.net which apparently impacted api.flukso.net. The dash should be rendering charts again. Just wait five more minutes for the buffered readings on the FLM to be relayed to the server and all should be back to normal.

Thanks for reporting the issue.


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thanks bart, is there anyway to increase the size of the buffer size, it looks like it only has about a hour which means today we've lost 2-3 hours of our graphs. (happily i also have current cost optismarts logging my meters so i have some external redundancy). http://pvoutput.org/intraday.jsp?id=7304&sid=6653

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We do buffer a reasonable amount of readings in the FLM. These seem to have been lost in your case. But please note that if the FLM keeps running when communication with the server is lost, it will always keep a record of the absolute meter value. So all you've 'lost' during the hick-up is a bit of resolution in the readings. The total amount of energy produced/consumed during the offline period is still accurate. It's just averaged out over the two hours, hence the flat line.