Monitor just circuits, not mains

Trying to understand this a little better.

1) Can I use this to clamp only to specific circuits? (not the mains)
For instance the 40A circuit that has my air source heat pumps on it. Or the induction stove circuit. Or the electric water heater...etc

1a) Would I use the 50A clamp in the above cases? Even if the circuit is only a 20A or 15A one?

2) I understand I am I limited to 3 such inputs? is that correct? The other ports are for other sources of data, not the current clamps. Correct?

This would be in a typical US residential application.

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Hello Pietro,
at 1) Yes, you can use the current clamp also on non-mains; the only requirement is that you can put it around the actual phase line, not a compound cable that has all three, phase, null/phase return, and ground.
at 1a) Exactly, the 50A clamp is the smallest available. 50A indicates just the maximum it can handle
at 2) There are 3 analog inputs for clamps that can individually be measured and displayed; there are hacks that provide you the opportunity to add additional clamps, but these would always occur in sum then. So for individual measurements you either use more than one FLM or add a pulse outputting kWh meter into a circuit to use one of the FLM's pulse inputs or you use an "clamp adder", as described in analog-to-pulse converter (hack only, no commercial availability)
Best regards