Flukso going offline every few days

I have a strange problem in that every 3-5 days or thereabouts my Flukso meter seems to loose connection. Resetting my wireless router or the Flukso itself fixes the issue. Still, not a very stable and satisfactory condition.

Any suggestions as to why? Has anybody had similar issues and how were they overcome?

The distance Flukso to wireless router is ~8m and I had to fiddle with the exact location of Flukso to get a good connection. I seem to have >30dB or whatever Bart said it was meant to be and it works fine for extended periods of time.

I have also noticed that the microwave does affect the performance of my wireless network. Eg, when I stream music the m/w can cut it out - but we have certainly used the microwave more than once in the last five days ;-).

The most likely scenario I have is that when a different device connects wirelessly it may change the addresses and "kinda kick Flukso off" requiring a restart so that it can get itself a new address after it's been "stolen" by this other device (I have 2 other PC's and a Squeezebox for streaming music connecting wirelessly). Rubbish or a possibility? And if so, how to overcome it?

Guenter - Sydney

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Hello Guenter,

Should this issue occur again, could you send us a screen dump of this page on the Fluksometer's local interface: Best to click the 'scan' button in the wifi section of this page before making the screen dump.

Wifi networks operate in the non-regulated 2.4Ghz band. 2.4Ghz is the resonance frequency of a water dipole. A microwave generates electromagnetic waves in this frequency band to excite water dipoles. As food contains a substantial amount of water, the result of this mechanism can be observed as a hot meal coming out of the microwave. And as a side effect, degraded wifi performance during microwave operation.


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I have a similar problem but rarer - perhaps once every few months the Wifi connection goes down. Power cycling the Flusko fixes it. Couple of ideas:

- Something to do with the logic that handles automatic reconnection of the Wifi in OpenWRT

- I have seem similar strangeness when dynamic IPs change on DSL links with Asterisk, NAT tables get confused. So if the router IP changes during a Flukso transaction there might be a lock up condition.

I'll keep an eye on mine and login as Bart suggested next time it happens.

- David

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no problem here...

Flukso connected wirelessly to a wpa2/aes wifi connection of a Sagem Bbox2 vdsl2 connection ... Internet goes out every 36h (end of ISP pppoe session) and public ip changes...I have not seen any issues with the flukso being incapable of connecting/reconnecting... not even after a major power outage whereas I imagine the flukso is rebooting quicker than the vdsl modem's internet connection and wifi ...

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My flukso-data isn't being updates since midnight... though when checking my firewall, the flukso device has well over 24 connections to the flukso-site.

I SSH'ed into the flukso-device, to give the reboot command... it rebooted alright, and is connecting back to the flukso-website all on port 80/tcp but the RRD graphs aren't updated today, since a little over midnight.

During an SSH session, I tried to ping www.flukso.net, and it resolves the IP (so DNS is ok), and when pinging the DNS of GOOGLE, I got a reply.

So I guess everything looks alright... but it won't update the data.

Anyone else seeing this ?

Edit: problem solved, it seems that TELENET blocks access when you reach 90% of the download volume (it actually redirects port 80, to their website to show the message that you are over 90%).
This is a setting in the config-panel that I have set (but since I was checking remote, I couldn't see this one ofcourse).

Issue resolved, nothing to do with the flukso device !!

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I used an external wifi antenna on my flukso as my meterbox is a tin can and I figured the wifi would be poor in a faraday shield....

The same solution could be used where there is poor reception I guess using a higher gain antenna than the one supplied or even a directional one.

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I guess I should report back that since I fixed the IP addresses of most of my wireless devices including the Flukso all has been stable now for the past 2 months.