heartbeat works, but no data

Hi all,
I installed my flukso a couple of days ago.
I do get a heartbeat, but no uptime AND no data.

I probably forget to do an obvious step, but I'm out of ideas.
Anybody suggestions ??

Thanks, JAn-jaap

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I have seen many stages of the installation process (even the part where I risked my life to insert the clamps at a place I hope never to visit again), but I never got to this one.....

So, you have an account with at least one device (with heartbeat). But no uptime.....

I cannot remember being in that phase. I did have a device once that I could not add, because somebody had used my device before. That was fixed by Flukso.net, and then I had a device with uptime and a heartbeat, but I was not at the Fluksonian status yet.

Once again Flukso.net helped me out there. You might want to check with them if all your 'database' settings at Flukso.net are alright. You cannot do that from home.

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thanks lexnet, I'll give that a try !

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I had network problems, with both the Ethernet and WiFi on the same subnet. icarus75 tweaked the configuration slightly (some congestion issue) and it then worked. Previously it would change the "uptime" time when you reboot the sensor, but it wouldn't upload any data.

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For what it's worth: if the clamp cabling is not correct (i had + and - reversed on my 3phase flusko) you get this behavior too, jan-jaap.